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Beacon Technology

Beacon Technology was first introduced by Apple in 2013 and today, this technology has gained a revolutionary importance worldwide. This technology is used for connecting with customers and providing them some information or for advertising.

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We have created an Android App named Beacon App, which serves as an outstanding tool to attract various customers. This App sends messages to the smartphones of the customers so that the customers get attracted.

A beacon is actually a Bluetooth Radio Transmitter which constantly transmits signals to other Bluetooth devices, like smartphones having beacon App installed in them. It broadcasts radio signals to Bluetooth devices. As soon as a person approaches the nearby area of the active beacon device, he/she gets a message on their phone. For instance, when a customer enters a mall, he/she gets a welcome message.

How is Beacon App Advantageous to Your Business?
It effectively advertises your products and services to new customers.
It provides data for customer analysis like knowing the repeat customers, unique customers, the total number of customers, time spent by a customer, total number of visits of a customer, etc.
It provides welcome messages, alert messages, a coupon, special offers, etc. for engaging customers and making them feel important and valued.
You get actionable real-time data for business and can re-target old audience.
Mapping the customers’ journey and analyzing shortfalls for business development
Beacon Technology solution helps in personalized marketing, smart campaigning, etc. for any kind of business.
Helps in proximity marketing
Ultimately drives traffic and sales of your business

Such technology is developed by our expert Beacon app developers!

Thus, beacon technology is one of the fast ways of connecting with customers. It has become very popular nowadays because of its effectiveness and potential to analyze important data. Many businesses have started using this to boost their businesses. Are you?

So, why not make the smarter move today and rock your business through the Beacon App? Contact us today for Beacon application development.

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