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All about VPS hosting for beginners
Thursday, July 4, 2013    1:16 am

Before getting into what is VPS hosting , we will delve into why you need VPS hosting. You should go for VPS (Virtual Private Server) hosting, if following conditions go well with you.  Your business is dependent on your website. Your sites sometimes slow down to handle the traffic volume. You have specific security concerns. Your business is growing speedily. Then you should opt for VPS hosting. If you are still using shared hosting provider for your website, then you should get well acquainted with VPS.nimage1

Virtual server is located somewhere else but your web host uses it locally. All the data gets stored on a virtual server in the form of a virtual machine (VM). VPS servers function in a way that if you have one physical server, you can run several virtualized operating systems on that particular server. Every virtualized OS acts as a dedicated server. So, you can avail all the benefits of a dedicated server at an affordable rate. There are many advantages of using VPS hosting. Take a look at the advantages given below.

Advantages of VPS hosting

You don’t need to maintain your server. The owner of virtual server will be accountable for this.

Virtual servers can be divided into more than one virtual machine. In this way, you can use multiple VMs on a single server. You can share your server with others also.

It will get easy to manage multiple websites. While using VPS, you get a huge amount of space with multiple VMs. It gives you power to host every website by means of different OS.

You can set up your own small website hosting company with a program called ‘Reseller VPS hosting’. You can buy a portion of server through hosting control panel like Plesk or cPanel and billing sources like Plesk Billing or WHMCS.

If you have multiple sites, gigantic amount of files storage, dynamic content and heavy traffic occasionally, then VPS is best for you. VPS will facilitate more than your shared hosting plan.

You can do customizations according to your needs. VPS facilitates you to have your own Operating System and server applications like Apache, PHP and MySQL.

You get dedicated RAM for you at any time. In shared hosting, others also utilize RAM when you are in need of it.

How to set up your VPS hosting server

Step-by-step tutorial on how you can set your VPS hosting server.

You can set up server’s host name, user ID and password from control panel of your hosting account. You can use this account attributes in future to connect with your server.

To set up your VPS, you need to log in to account managers.

Now, click on Servers.

Click on Launch for your desirable account.

You have to fill several fields like;

Enter server name, Select operating system, Overage protection, user name and password.

After this, click on continue and submit it.

After this, you will get email about your server. Usually, it takes 5-6 hours to activate your server.

Things to be taken care while moving to VPS

Keep back-up of your current hosting files and database.

Back-up your email data.

Describe disk space and bandwidth while creating package in your VPS account.

Install your CMS as well as restore data.

You can also make DNS records for your private name servers.

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