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Joomla Vs WordPress. Who wins the battle?
Saturday, May 4, 2013    2:01 pm

If you are stuck upon the question, which Content Management System is better and which is the best suited Content Management System (CMS) for your website? Then here you will find a brainstorming session on which CMS is better. Open Source technologies for website designing and developing are rapidly growing. But, there is a growing debate in terms of usability of both these open source technologies.

First of all let us understand what are Joomla and WordPress?


By: admin
contact form 7 does not submitting form trouble shoot in WordPress Website
Friday, April 19, 2013    9:37 am

When I was converting my HTML Website in to WordPress website I come across this issue that my HTML website contain a contact form and I used Contact Form 7 plugin  for making contact form connect to my email. After all configuration is completed and I was doing the testing the contact form was not doing anything when I hit on submit or reset button. Its a common problem faced by wordpress developers.

To solve this issue I started trouble shooting by checking different forums and blogs online. Most of the times if page has multiple java script running they conflict with each other. This problem can be solved by writing a small code on the page to not conflict with each other.

In this case after proper research I found out that footer java script is conflicting with the JavaScript of contact form so I tried to remove this function from the footer and contact form started working properly.

Steps to do that are as follows : Readmore…

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How to make footer menu Dynamic in the WordPress website
Thursday, April 18, 2013    11:27 am

When You Are Dealing With  WordPress Website template or converting  html static website to WordPress website so it gives an easy access to manage the contents, you may also want to convert your website menu to dynamic as it makes it very simple to update the tabs and menu of your website. Readmore…

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How to enable or disable directory listing using .htaccess
Thursday, April 18, 2013    10:22 am

Basically when a web browser is pointed to a directory on your web site which does not have an index.html file (or any other index file) in it, the files in that directory can be listed on a web page.

To allow a web server to produce a directory listing, whenever you point a directory without index file this article will helps you to show how to make directory listing turn On And Off from The Godaddy Hosting Server.

To do This Follow The Steps :

Sept 1 : Login To your hosting server.  Readmore…

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Social Media Optimization Review for SERP
Friday, April 12, 2013    12:04 pm

SMO Pressor Review if you want your website to increase its SERPs within a short time. The installation of this SMO Pressor is of two packages; the single license and unlimited license options. Whichever option you choose is easy for installation as all you need is click on the buy on the official site of the producers and the rest is history. The interface of this SMO Pressor is designed to be client or customer friendly so that it would simple to make use of.

On the member site of SMO Pressor, there is room for customization which is what makes this product exceptional. When it comes to generating traffic with the right LSI words, you are given SMO words on a platter of gold which would boost your website when it comes to increasing the search engine ranking. Not many people would spend so much time in setting or installing any application in their websites which is what SMO Pressor Review would not do to you. Readmore…

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