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Website design and its importance
Wednesday, October 10, 2012    8:15 am

Website design and its importance to business is the reason why web designs are becoming lucrative.  Businesses that would stand out in our present world are the ones that are online. eCommerce websites have become the solution to the financial condition of the world. The reason for this is because a lot of businesses are online so that it would have more clients and customers. Some people are not willing to leave their homes for any business transaction. And the only tool that they make use of is the internet that has opened opportunity for them.  The importance of making use of websites is because of the vast functions that a customer would be able to apply online. Readmore…

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Technological Advancement in Web Design
Monday, October 8, 2012    4:28 am

Websites are no longer the static or dull as they were in the beginning. The reason for this is recent technological advancement on the design of websites.  In the development of web applications and web designs, there has been tremendous improvement.  There are different kinds of applications and features that have been added to web designs that have made them exception. Google web toolkit is one of the advancement that has been added to websites in creating great front end applications in JavaScript. If you must have a website that would be friendly and easy to use, it should have an up to date in its applications and features. The reason is no viewer would want to spend time on a website that is not up to date.  Dart is another technology that is supporting the JavaScript front end like Google web toolkit. The front end is the side of clients or visitors. This is why it should be friendly and simple to use.  Those who always come back to websites is because they have seen something unique about a website that they cannot see in other places. If the front end is designed to be complex to the user, it would be very difficult for any meaningful transaction or communication be made on that site. Technological advancement in website design has made the internet a home to business people, researchers and socialists. Readmore…

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Security Measures for Websites
Saturday, October 6, 2012    11:03 am

Security is one important feature of a web design that has become an important issue. The reason for this is because of the crimes that are committed online. There are various security considerations that are taken when developing websites. The encryption and data entry error checking that would be done through forms and filtering output are some of the considerations before a website can be built.  SQL injection can be a malicious practice that any hacker can use in destroying a website by hacking into it.  Information like credit card numbers, passwords and email addresses can be hacked if a website is not fully protected. This is why eCommerce websites are not taking it for granted with the security of their sites. Security considerations for a website design have to do with the server that is used. The scripting language of a computer language like ASP, Python, Perl and PHP can be done on Microsoft IIS or Apache for security to be handled.  However, no matter how secured a website seem to be built, it should be tested severally online so that there would be no mistake. There is lots of advancement in the design of websites when it comes to security maintenance. With training that has been provided for those who are into maintaining security on websites, developers have been able to come out with better security measures for websites. Readmore…

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Responsive Websites for eCommerce Shops
Wednesday, October 3, 2012    6:41 am

The world of World Wide Web has finally taken over most of man’s lifestyle because it is one of the cheapest and easier ways for communication and transaction. However, it is the websites that make up the World Wide Web. This means that the design of the website is very important if you must have a strong online presence.  And because of this, we have what is called responsive Magento website.  The advanced technology in building or designing websites has made it easier for men and women to make easy use of the internet. Most people who are not aware of this technology would be amaze at what responsive website designs can help them achieve.  This technology of responsive design of websites would make websites be viewed on different devices at high quality.  With the introduction of mobile internet, a website that is not viewed in high quality would be quickly discarded. With responsive websites, the challenge of viewing websites through Smartphone and PC without fast connectivity has been eliminated. This is because responsive Magento website response to any device that is used during browsing. This is the reason why a lot of people who are designing websites are using these responsive websites in their designs. Readmore…

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Graphic User Interface Design
Monday, October 1, 2012    6:15 am

Graphic user interface is an advanced website design that a lot of web designers are using in designing great websites. A web design that has no excellent server side and client side balance is not a good website. This is why web designers would not want to design a website that has poor user interface.  If you must understand what the client side, you should get to know that makes up this side. The design and the layout of web page is what covers the client side while the web functionality and also the back end is what takes over the server side.  Web design has become what a lot of people are getting training for. The reason is because the website is no longer left for out dated programs to run. The world of internet has advanced in such a way that majority of websites that are designed have interface that is friendly to users. No matter how beautiful a website may look if it is not friendly to a user, the aim is defeated.   Developers have understood that they have to pay an interdisciplinary role if they should come out with better and simpler applications.  One feature that is not neglected when designing a website is the graphic user interface (GUI). This is because that is what would attract a lot of visitors to the site with SEO and SMO strategies. Readmore…

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