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10 secrets to make your website successful
Thursday, December 22, 2011    5:37 am
  1. Choose a topic that you already know about. This makes designing the website and creating the content a lot easier as a minimal amount of research is required. It will also help you interact with visitors when they contact you in the future.
  2. Make the design simple yet specific to the website. Visitors do not like complicated tricky-to-use websites, so try to keep the design as basic as possible whilst still creating your identity.
  3. Make the site user friendly. A visitor should be able to land on your page and clearly see the navigation, content, header and where all of the main aspects of the website are.
  4. Write informative content
  5. Provide information based on subjects around the niche focussing on more than 1 keyword
  6. Make sure all content on the site is unique
  7. Build links back to your website
  8. Where you can, have relevant articles pointing to your website
  9. Post on closely related forums and advertise your website to readers that are looking for information in that particular topic
  10. Advertise with programs such as Google Ads and Facebook Ad Campaigns.
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