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3 ways to get indexed by Google fast
Thursday, January 6, 2011    8:48 am

Getting indexed by Google used to be rather simple but the process is becoming more and more difficult. Search engine submission used to be a good way to get your site indexed by Google fast, but things have changed since then.

To get your site indexed by Google these days, the best way to go about it is to get links from what Google identifies as an authority website. Authority websites are basically any site that has a PR of 5 and up. The reason why your site will be indexed faster if you get links from authority websites is because Google spiders these high PR sites first.

While it may seem like a difficult task to get links from sites like these, it’s really not that hard. One of the best ways to get links from one of these sites is by putting a video up on Youtube. Youtube is viewed as a very authoritative website and putting a video up is as easy as 1, 2, 3. If you manage to put a video on Youtube and it ranks well, your site should be indexed in no time.

Another great way to get backlinks from authority sites is by submitting articles to article directories like Ezinearticles has a very high PR and getting a link from Ezine will help your site get indexed super fast. In addition to getting your site indexed faster, you’ll get high quality traffic from readers and traffic coming from articles tends to convert really well…

There was a time when submitting to directories was a great way to get indexed by Google, but these days, only a few directories really matter. One of these directories is Dmoz. Dmoz is actually the directory that Google uses as their search engine submission. So getting a link from Dmoz is definitely a good thing. The bad news is that it may take up to one month to get your site listed on Dmoz. However, I still recommend that you list your site on Dmoz; it will improve your PR rank and get you additional traffic.

When you submit your site to Dmoz, it’s very important that you pick a very narrow category that really defines your site. Dmoz has very strict admission policies, so if you pick a category that is too wide, you might run the risk of getting refused and you’ll have to wait for your site to go through the admission process again. Do not take this lightly, a link from Dmoz is actually considered as a power backlink which is even more powerful than an authority backlink, so make sure you stay on their good side.

So there you have it. If you follow the instructions I just gave you, you should have no problem getting your site indexed by Google. Just make sure you get links from sites like Youtube and Ezinearticles and list your site on Dmoz and you’ll greatly improve your search engine results.

By: admin