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Adobe Photoshop Web Design
Wednesday, February 8, 2012    7:14 am

Adobe Photoshop has gradually become one of the more favoured graphics programs in a huge range of industries. It is considered one of the best because it really is; it has so many additional features and appears to be so far ahead of any other graphics software. For this reason Adobe Photoshop is now often used in website design. 

Unfortunately using Photoshop for you website design does make extra work for you. It is not as simple as simply designing a web page on Photoshop and expecting it to allow you to change areas. You must first slice the design (this is a tool that allows you to split the entire image into several little images; this can then be exported as a web page so you design is basically there) and then work on the code for the functionality along with adding content to the website.

With that said there are not many other disadvantages to using Adobe Photoshop in Website Design. It already has enough tools to create amazing designs but it will all come down to you and how you can use the program. If you are new to website design and want to use Adobe Photoshop, it is highly recommended that you follow a few tutorials before going any further.

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