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Advantages and Disadvantages of Facebook comment
Wednesday, June 19, 2013    6:05 am

There is a lot of debate about Facebook on internet. Some people say it is good, while some says it is bad for internet world. Many blogs and websites have integrated Facebook comment box to allow Facebook comments on their website. Today, we will try to carve out advantages and disadvantages of Facebook comments through this article. If you are thinking about using Facebook comments for your blog, then this article will be helpful to take your decision.

Let us discuss advantages first


Comments with real identity

Commentators have to use their real names for posting a comment. People with anonymous identity want to hide their real identity to throw criticism and abuse. With Facebook comment box, people have to reveal their identity.

More social expandability

It has wider reach, when you comment on any blog or website, that comment also appears in your Facebook stream with a link back to the post. You can also disallow this option. It is great, if the link goes to your comment. This fetches more readers from Facebook.

Isolates robots and humans

Facebook comments reduce bot spam. There are very high chances that the people who are commenting on your blog are human beings. Facebook is excellent in filtering bots and humans.

More relevant comments

You will get more relevant comments, as the users are commenting with their real names.


Disadvantages of Facebook comment

It does not support Twitter or Google logins

If you want to comment on a blog but do not have Facebook account, then you cannot comment with Twitter or Google logins.

Don’t allow archive comments

You cannot archive comments to create back-up. It does not have API to support this.

Facebook is blocked in many firms

One of the biggest disadvantages is that Facebook is blocked in many companies. The users, who want to comment on any topic, are unable to do so, as they have to log in to Facebook.

Not SEO-friendly

If you allow Facebook comment, then your comments will not be indexed or crawled by major search engines like Google.

Non-Facebook users’ pain

Users, who do not use Facebook and don’t have a Facebook account, cannot comment. Although, Facebook has millions of users but this drawback causes trouble to some people. In this condition, options like Disqus seem more reliable with multiple login facility.

Comments contribute more to Facebook than you

Facebook gets more traffic and SEO juice than you. You will get some amount of advantage while Facebook will get more.

So, the decision is yours. It’s on you, whether to use Facebook comment in your website or not.

By: admin