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Advantages of having a WordPress website
Friday, November 25, 2011    7:16 am

WordPress is great for any custom website design, and if you get good at using it you could always end up becoming a WordPress developer. WordPress is a free to use CMS that can be installed in minutes of literally any web hosting package that you come across. It offers a huge range of advantages over designing your own website completely from scratch, so let’s take a look at some of the advantages of having a WordPress website.

–          You can have a website with many pages in minutes

–          Fully centralized administrator area

–          Very easy to create a website design based on the original template

–          Various free website designs already available on the web

–          Allows you to easily add, manage and delete content on your website

–          You can lock down your site from spam with built in moderation

–          There are thousands of Plugins out there, so it’s rare you can’t find one to do what you need

–          There are frequent updates that will continually make your website even better

–          Various services exist so you can outsource your WordPress website design or the development of bespoke plugins

–          It is now one of the most common used CMS packages available on the web

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