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Advantages of OS commerce
Saturday, May 1, 2010    7:43 pm

OS commerce is one of the most popular e-commerce shopping cart software. It offers huge range of features which allows storekeepers and consumers to setup quickly with ease.

The advantages of OS commerce are as follows:

    1. Indisputable: OS commerce is popularly known having huge support community with long history.
    2. Economy: OS commerce is an open source application, therefore it is free.
    3. Simple: OS commerce software is easy to use and install.
    4. Desirable for broad variety of stores: Application users can modify their own portals with the kind of store they have and use their own language and currency.
    5. Flexibility: Clients can customize their software by themselves or from experienced developers.
    6. Safety: The application comes with secure socket layer encryption with other administrative features and safety.
    7. Web Support: Clients can get good community support.
    8. Client base promotion: OS commerce supports clients by providing reviews, news letters and e-mail support.
    9. Client focus: Clients can easily understand OS commerce as useful and easy to use software as clients can receive notification on software and clients can also clients can make web reviews. Clients can see their personal information, purchase history and status of order through their secure account.
    10. Merchant focus: OS commerce is inexpensive software for merchants and it caters with huge range of currencies, store models and language. OS commerce software comes with lots more features, like merchants can take whole transactions backup, can generate report, and can process payment with invoices. OS commerce features are very simple and secure where merchants can control metadata of products, and shipping cost calculations.
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