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Advantages of using a free website for business
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:47 pm

Whilst many business owners will choose to outsource their website design to a professional and well-reputable web design firm some of the smaller businesses do not have the money to do so. In this case a lot take their initial business website into their own hands and look towards a free web host to take care of their online needs. Whilst this is not favourable, there are a few advantages.

  • It saves money as external website design firms can cost hundreds of dollars which a new business might not have to spare.
  • There are a range of designs available to use through the free website builders which might be useful if you have little website design experience.
  • Some free web hosts do actually offer PHP and MySQL support also allowing you to upload custom scripts. This means you can upload solutions such as content management systems like WordPress to work as your website. When you have enough for a custom domain and premium web host you can have this CMS backed up and transferred easily for free.
  • Using a free host and setting something basic up with a website builder tool will allow you to spend more time focussing on getting your business started instead of worrying about the company website.
By: admin