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Android vs. iPhone
Saturday, May 1, 2010    7:44 pm

As the Android has arrived officially, consumers are comparing the features and applications offered by Apple iPhone and Android. Consumers are looking for the latest and best options which can fulfill their expectations. In case of smart phones and the services they provide, difference between the applications offered by them could change the decision of consumers.

Advantages of iPhone over Android:

  • Application of calendar search is present in iPhone but its not there in Android.
  • You can have peer to peer connectivity in iPhone but Android miss this application.
  • Application of phone wide search is present in iPhone but it’s missing in Android.

Advantages of Android over iPhone:

Android have gain advantage by introducing the applications which are not there in iPhone. Like,

  • There is no background application present in iPhone whereas, android allows you to run multiple applications at the same time. But apple’s point about how the background application kills your battery time is absolutely true.
  • There is no hardware keyboard present in iPhone and once again android wins the race as full QWERTY keyboard is there along with other features which are enough to match or beat the iPhone.
  • Android supports the application of multiple notifications whereas, this application is still missing in iPhone.

Similarities between iPhone and Android:

Android and iPhone have nearly identical capabilities for Pandora. Both iPhone and Android supports the MMS application, file sharing and cut/copy and paste application.

If you want to go for a new smart phone search for the best applications that suits your expectations and do consider their reviews.

By: admin