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Android vs. Symbian vs. Windows Mobile
Saturday, May 1, 2010    7:38 pm

In the world of smart phones, operating system is the central key which is responsible to make a truly great smart phone. Let us discuss the three big operating system i.e. android, windows and symbian one by one.


  • Open source platform: open source platform is the strongest point of Android. Open software is one of the largest communities which are leading the industry and it helps in making the technology better. The open source nature of this operating system makes it easy to adapt by the users.
  • Google voice and maps: most important point of Android is its association with Google. Smart phones has become portal to access internet and Google is the best company to lead the way.
  • Android is based on the Linux kernel.
  • Android supports multi tasking application
  • Android does not support any of the flash versions.

Windows mobile:

  • Windows mobile operating system is powerful, fast, and it synchronize very well with the windows.
  • The application speed of this operating system varies with the devices. Like camera is one of the fastest loading tools whereas, third party applications like Google map took longer to load.
  • Windows mobile is based on windows CE.
  • It also supports multi tasking.
  • It is not as media friendly as other operating systems.
  • Windows mobile place strong emphasis on the outlook messaging.
  • Windows mobile do support flash lite 3.0 but it does not support the standard version of flash which is used on most of the sites


  • Symbian S60 is the most widely used smart phone platform.
  • The application speed is instant.
  • Multi tasking support is the biggest advantage of this operating system.
  • Symbian S60 fifth edition supports large number of audio formats like real mp3, audio, WAV and many more. It also supports H.263 and H.264, real video, WMV and flash video.
  • This operating system includes many applications that will help you to synchronize the media files.
  • Symbian S60 was the only smart phone which made an attempt to support flash.
By: admin