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Monday, September 10, 2012    4:37 am

Designing websites is no longer a difficult task because anyone can do this.  Search engine should be friendly to your website if it must be seen by others. This is the challenge that comes with designing a website. Are spiders crawling your website? If a website is poorly developed, it would be difficult for spiders of search engines to crawl the site.  In the beginning, most websites do not need a lot of procedures for them to show up on search engines because of the less complex sites then. However, there is lots of advancement in the web design which has made it possible for websites to be seen.

Online business has become an effective means of taking care of men and women’s needs.  The basic strategy is the use of keywords if you are going to make your website come out.  To get the attention of search engines, there are lots of things to be done like writing contents on websites.  SERP ranking is the only thing that would make any website relevant no matter what the site is offering.  Are spiders crawling your website? When the right keywords are used in URL, spider search engines would be able to crawl and push the ranking of a website up. Most people believe that website design has a great impact on the ranking of a website. This is not the issue because a spider would not be able to crawl through a site if there is no avenue for it.

The name of a website is very important because that is where the spider can begin from.  If your domain address is short, it would be easier for your website to be known.  And it is imperative that the keyword is added to the name of your domain.  Are spiders crawling your website?

It is not only making use of the proper keywords that would give spiders the opportunity to search your website.  The algorithm of the search engine spiders according to URL is what is expected from a web designer if it would be able to climb up the SERP. 

Are spiders crawling your website? You would not see much difference in your search engine optimization if it is only a single strategy you are making use of.  There is need to get at least fifty percent of search engine strategies if a website would be able to stay in the competitive market of World Wide Web.  With the use of offpage optimization that include healthy backlink, blog posting, forum posting, and writing articles and lots more can help in making your website increase spiders crawling your website.

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