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Basics of Search Engine Optimization
Sunday, February 27, 2011    6:12 am

Basics about search engine optimization should be adhered to if you aim at boosting the rankings of your website. Certain tips may be followed to improve your SEO rankings. One of the most important techniques to follow is the creation of effective keyword phrases. Specific keywords and phrases may be created for your web pages. You would do well to choose keyword phrases that are not very popular but yet popular.This is because very popular phrases may get you a lower search ranking due to heavy competition where as a less popular phrase may place your site high in the rankings.

Take part as a poster in forums that are related to your blog or website. This gives an ample opportunity for you to share your thoughts with the members of the forums and thereby earn good number of visitors to your site. Most forums do allow link in your signature and hence make use of this opportunity too to drive genuine traffic to your site and blog.
Build up quality backlinks to your site. Quantity is not important in the case of backlinks. A few quality backlinks can do wonders rather than more number of ordinary and powerless backlinks. A quality backlink is the one that can be placed on a high-traffic blog or a website related to your blog in content.
See to it that the content of your site or blog is great and unique. Care should be taken to update the content at regular periods. A site with a great content attracts the visitors and makes them stay at the site for longer periods of time. Hence the saying ‘content is king’. Keep the visitors in your mind while writing the content and do not keep the search engines in mind while writing content. If the visitors are taken care of, then position in the search engine rankings would automatically be taken care of. Indulge in article marketing to nicety. Article marketing is a great way to drive loyal visitors to your site.

A lot is spoken these days about white hat SEO and black hat SEO.  It would be advisable on your part to engage in white hat SEO techniques than black hat SEO techniques.  This is because of the fact that black hat SEO methods are not legal in character.  They are often considered as methods that amount to spamming.  Hence adherence to white hat SEO methods such as forum posting, link building, article marketing and the like is essential to get a good ranking in the search pages of any search engine for that matter.

In addition to the various SEO methods discussed and pointed out above serious attention should be given to the web design part of your online business if you are to succeed in online marketing.  Your website should sport an attractive design to pull the customers and visitors on a regular basis.  Web design plays a vital role in the placement of your website among the high ranking websites in the search pages.

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