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Best anti-spam WordPress plug-ins to stop spam comments
Tuesday, June 25, 2013    4:52 pm

Are you fed up of seeing 100s of spam comments in your WordPress blog every day? Spam comments are a real problem for WordPress blogs. If you want a solution to this problem, then this article will surely help you. There are lots of plug-ins which can help you. But, the choice of plug-in plays an important role here. You should be able to choose the right plug-in, then only the problem will be solved. Let’s have a look at some great WordPress plug-ins.

anti spam


It stands tall in the list of WordPress anti-spam plug-ins. Akismet removes spam comments by carrying out thousands of tests. You can install it on your WordPress blog to filter the spam comments. It will protect your blog against spam bots and common spam phrases. It highlights misleading links, and comment status history.

Anti-spam Bee

Anti-spam Bee adopts sophisticated technique to filter the spam comments. It examines all comments including pings. One of the advantages of Anti-spam Bee is that it is safe. Some of the prominent features are email notification about new spam comments, automatic clean up, pingback check etc.

Bad behavior

This plug-in is based on PHP for blocking link spam and robots. Numerous sites including US Department of Education, has incorporated this plug-in to reduce incoming link spam and malicious activity. It is suggested to use this plug-in in combination with a traditional spam protection service. It prevents spammers from junks forever.

Growmap Anti Spambot Plug-in

It keeps a check on automated spambots by adding a check box, asking users to confirm that they are not spammers. The check box is generated by client side javascript which cannot be seen by bots. It is capable of stopping 99% of automated spam bots. The only drawback of this plug-in is that it cannot check human spammers and pingbacks.


Here, people have to enter the code given in CAPTCHA images to submit their comment. It has two images instead of one. It is very efficient to stop spam comments if the spam bot has memorized the answers. But, this plug-in is not capable of stopping manual spammers.

Hope that this list will help you to choose the right WordPress plug-in for your WordPress blog.

By: admin