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Best live chat software
Wednesday, June 5, 2013    2:54 pm

Live chat offers instant talk with the person who has visited your website. Operator can talk with customers one-to-one. If the customers have some sort of queries about the product or service, then he/she can chat live with the customer care executive and resolve queries spontaneously. Most of e-commerce websites are utilizing live chat software to boost their sales and business. If you have any doubt about capability of live chat software to boost your sales, then here are the statistics.

40% of online shoppers from US, said that they tend to purchase after a live chat.  60% of the shoppers prefer live chat over other means of communication. Statistics also reveal that 70% of online shopping carts are discarded. While the live chat augments the chances of purchase by 45-55%.

Why people prefer live chat?

80% of people say they get immediate answers to their questions.

55% people believe that without hampering their office or daily work, they can resolve their queries through live chatting.

30% people say they get better information by live chat than e-mail.

25% people say they don’t like to talk on phones.

How it boosts your business?

You can do live monitoring on your website.

Live chat is suitable for customers, as they can ask questions in the middle of purchase.

It saves your expenses like phone and sales representatives. Live chat representatives can handle queries while doing other tasks.

If you are confused about which live chat software to use? Then read these criteria about selection.

It should have fast chatting speed.

It should support iPhone.

Quality matters. It should be of great quality and provide effective customer service.

And of course, pricing should be affordable.

Before selecting any software, undergo a testing process.

Show chat history of every visitor

File transfer while chatting.

One operator should be able to accept multiple chat requests.

Many companies offer free trial for about 15 days or more. You can do it.


List of live chat software which you can try


Price: $ 21.00

If you want customization, then this software is good for you.


Price: $ 14.00

Its chat window resembles Facebook. If you want something visually appealing, then go for it.


Price: $99.95

If offers an array of tools and services for your business. Several chat windows can be opened by operator to chat with one or more visitors straight away.


Price: $49.00

You can build extremely personalized services with this. It provides a large number of tools to operators while answering queries.


Price: $69.95

It has mobile apps, so you can do chatting anywhere and anytime from your mobile device.


Price: Starts from $9.99

It is affordable and reliable.

Nero Chat

Price: Starting from $14.99

It is good for small and medium website.  Android support is included in all packages.

eAssistance pro live chat software

Price:  The price for Basic Operator (1 operator) is $7 while for standard (2 operators), it is $14.

It offers geo mapping, marketing tools, SSL support, instant notification, and traffic analysis. It is customizable, secure, easy to set up and reliable.

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