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Best SEO tools for beginners
Wednesday, June 5, 2013    1:16 pm

If you are new to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and want to understand the process of SEO, then here are some tips to succeed in competitive online world. Here are some SEO tools which will give you an edge over others. There are so many reliable SEO tools that can be used. Of course, the perfect and right tool depends upon you and the task you are trying to accomplish.

Obviously, the most important and fundamental tools are Google Webmasters and Google Analytics. If you are looking for SEO audit tools, then there are quite a few good ones like Mozbar, MajesticSEO, SEO quake, Chrome SEO, etc. For some of them, you have to pay for premium features.
You will find the collection of programs under ‘SEO Powersuite’ and these are easy also.  In addition to this, if you are a beginner, start signing yourself up to directories and create citations.
Also, create a Google+ page for your business. If your page is good and popular, then it will become very popular. If this works, then this page alone is enough to considerably raise your Google ranking.

If you are looking for link building, then will help you. Similarly, social-bookmarking is good to get some social bookmarking site list.
Even if you have the list of best SEO tools, but the most important thing is to know how to use Google’s webmaster tools and analytics. Hence, as a beginner, you should learn the usage of both these tools. After it, come the concepts of back linking. Websites like, Opensite explorer will help you in great deal in getting the back links of your site and your competitor sites.

Google analytics: You can give the best results for SEO and are really easy to work with.

Google Webmaster: This tool allows you to supervise the indexing of your website, keyword clicks, sitemaps, and links like external as well as internal to you site.

Wordtracker: For finding keywords, you can use wordtracker. It offers 30-day trial.

Screaming Frog and Xenu Link Sleuth:  Xenu Link Sleuth checks website for broken links and data like header code, title tag.  Screaming Frog keeps a check on inks, images, CSS, script and apps.

SEO for Chrome: It was originally called as Chrome SEO. It gives easy access to Search Engine Optimization tools which can help you in competitive analysis, research on keyword, back link checks, page rank checks.

SEOquake: It is a SEO extension for Google Chrome. It shows Page Rank, Alexa, Google index, Yahoo links, No follow links, Page source etc. It also works in SERP.

MozBar: You can access vital SEO metrics at a glance. It provides custom searches by country, search engine, region. You can evaluate link metrics for Google, Yahoo and Bing with SERP overlay.

Google Trends/Insights: It shows the frequency of particular keyword and search term entered.

SearchStatus: It is a search extension for Firefox as well as SeaMonkey. It gives you chance to see how websites are performing.
Backlink Watch: It helps you to understand everything about your inbound links.

Questions to ponder over?

Many of you have been involved in SEO. But, do you think that the work done by you has not yield any fruitful result, then you must think over about following things. Diagnose on-page optimization with this.

Figure out which keywords you should be chasing?

Have you built a certain type of back link?
Search for the best links from competitors?
Important question is – why your site has been punished during the last penguin 2.0 attack?

After thinking over this seriously; inculcate the skills needed to do it manually, and then find the tools that mechanize the grunt work.

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