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Best techniques of SEO
Wednesday, June 5, 2013    3:09 pm

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in 2013 is not everyone’s cup of tea. If we would have been talking about this, few years ago, then building anchor text links would have helped you to dominate the search engine. But right now, to achieve high ranks, you should know nitty-gritty of effective SEO. Drastic changes have occurred in everything; algorithms, practice of link building etc. We can anticipate more elements like Caffeine, Penguin and Panda from Google in near future. So, we would advise you to adopt the changing SEO techniques for higher rankings in search engines.


Use keywords in title, URLs, headlines, meta tags, anchor text. Use keyword in the beginning of your text. Give textual description in <alt> tag if you have images on your page. Keywords are best, if you use it together like “baby food”. If you are optimizing keyword phrase, then use popular phrases. Use secondary keywords because others are also using popular keywords. You can also optimize with synonym keywords.

Don’t use excessive unrelated keywords; this will affect all keywords and your performance. You can get banned, if use artificial overstated keyword density.

You can use keyword tools like Wordtracker, Wordpot, YouTube keyword, Bing keyword research tool for finding keywords.

Building links    

Start building links, which are relevant. Find a site which has good reputation. The reputation of site which links to you is far more important than the quantity of links.  It is better if you have back links, but here also the reputation of website is vital. You can get high quality back links through guest blogging, directory submission and social bookmarking. Anchor text is also important. If you get large number of inbound links in short time, then it gives implication of buying them.

Don’t keep only outgoing links on your page, try to limit it by 100 per page.  Avoid excessive linking with the same website. If you practice cross linking, then you will increase chances of getting penalized.


Content plays an essential role here. Generate unique content for your website to boost ranking of website. It is great, if you make changes and update content on your website. If the font size of keyword is different from other text, then it becomes more visible. The same thing is true for headlines and sub-headlines also. You can highlight particular phrase or word by keeping it bold or italic. But, don’t do it without reason to invite unnecessary complications. Try to keep word count within 400-800, as search engine doesn’t favor long pages. Don’t write for robots only, write for humans, otherwise if caught you will be punished. Don’t use duplicate content. Read how to write effective content


Get Google authorship for your content by joining G+. Read how to get Google authorship

Create Facebook and Twitter page

In the age of social media boom, you must have Facebook fan page and Twitter page. There are more than 1000 million active users of Facebook, through Facebook you can reach them. You can generate visitors for your website through social media optimization. Twitter is also one of the most prominent social media platforms. You can also do Facebook and Twitter advertising if budget permits.

Submit your URLs to major search engine directories.

Have a blog on your website.

Add good quality SEO plug-in to your website.

Monitor results with tools like Google Analytics and Authority Labs.

Make sure your website is accessible via mobile devices also.

You can also put into effect blog commenting.  How forum posting could help in SEO?

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