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Best Ways to Advertise Your Online Business
Tuesday, November 1, 2011    8:15 am

Having an online business can be tough with all the millions of businesses out there vying for the attention of the average online consumer. You’re in competition with the biggest industries already etched into the minds of billions as well as the average unknown person looking to make a few dollars.

Having your own niche business narrows the playing field but it’s still not enough. Without good advertising, your website counter, if you have one will only score a few dozen visits per year, mostly yours.

SEO – Stands for Search Engine Optimization. It is mainly a technique in creating websites with the proper keywords in the strategic places such as titles, headers, links, articles and even images. A website built with SEO in mind will show up in the top results of a web search greatly increasing the chances of exposure.

Social Networking – with many people nowadays engaged in social networking and with phones and gadgets being built around it, social networking is one of the best avenues in advertising your online business. You can let your friends, associates, acquaintances and even exes know of your online business and ask them to let their friends, associates, acquaintances and even exes know about it.

The old fashioned way – Advertising anything even websites can still be done the old fashioned way by using flyers, posters and billboards. With the millions of businesses online, getting a couple of thousand people to know your business is a big challenge. Flyers, posters and billboards saying will give you a head start. Netizens with time to kill will surely visit your site out of boredom or curiosity.

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