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Blog commenting for SEO? Yes or No
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    7:09 am

Search Engines Optimization has become an essential element of online website marketing nowadays. Achieving higher website ranking in search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing etc has become every webmaster’s dream and aim. SEO plays an important role in ranking of your website.

Blog commenting for SEO? Yes or No

Does blog commenting help SEO or not, has become the matter of debate. Like every coin has two sides, there are two sides of opinion on this issue. Some say, blog commenting is helpful while others say it is not very helpful. Let us have a brainstorming session and analyze utility of blog commenting.

You can get a good traffic to your website from blog commenting, if you are doing it in right way. Keep in mind following things while commenting:

  • First of all, search for an active blog and study the number of comments per post. If there are comments, then it means that people are reading that blog and it is interesting enough to catch the attention of people.

  • Look for blog that has category of readers who would be interested in your website, blogs and services.

  • Prefer blogs that have CommentLuv plug-in. This plug-in, enables you to give a link at the bottom of your comment. If it does not have place to fill in your website URL, then you will not get traffic from that comment.

  • Comment with some relevant points which are suitable to that particular blog. Don’t just write “Nice article” and then leave your link.

  • Watch out for two types “nofollow” and “dofollow”. You can get some link juice from dofollow.

  • Subscribe to the blog’s RSS feed, to be the first person to leave a comment on post.

  • Give a useful and valuable comment.

  • For some blogs, you can leave the target anchor text. But for majority of blogs, you must use your real name.

  • If you are posting genuine and well-thought-of comment, then you might be able to get some traffic.

  • We will suggest you to concentrate on highly relevant websites having decent PR. When talking about number of comments regularly, ensure that the pattern appears natural, otherwise Penguin and Panda introduced by Google, will punish you.

  • Blog commenting also depends upon the software from which the blog has been created. Some WordPress websites provide a specific place to leave a comment while others don’t have this. You may post it in <href form.

Blog commenting can help you to maintain a relationship with webmasters. Who knows they may return you a link. We can say that blog and forum posting (click here to know more about forum posting)  can give you traffic and back links.

By: admin