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Monday, January 9, 2012    5:06 am

Content Management Systems such as WordPress are now used primarily as a blog platform. For this reason CMS web design has become one of the biggest sectors within the website design industry. To understand why this is you should understand what exactly a CMS does.

Content Management Systems are very easy to install web applications. Once installed (which with one of the most popular systems WordPress takes around 5 minutes) you have a fully usable, customizable and maintainable website. The name comes from how the system works, it is very easy to add website along with installing plugins and themes. They are favoured by many thanks to their user friendliness and how easy it is to update a website and keep it running in the long term.

Like the website usability, designing themes can be particularly easy as long as you are fluent with cascading style sheets. This will allow you to easily design quality themes for WordPress and Content management systems alike. In some cases, you can find a ready built theme, download it and modify it to your requirements. This can be done by simply editing the images and colours that are already placed on the website, and before you know it you have a beautiful CMS web design.

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