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CMS Website Design – The Disadvantages
Wednesday, February 8, 2012    7:11 am

Whilst there are many advantages of using CMS Website Design to design your website, there are also advantages that would make it a wiser choice to use a custom programmed back end system with a custom website design over the top. So here are some of the disadvantages of using CMS website design for your website.

  • Although content management systems tend to be very secure, they are very popular making them the target of various hackers. It is said that 1 in 4 domains registered today will end up running WordPress (one of the most popular content management systems) as a final solution. This means that hackers like to target these open source systems to try and find loopholes for unauthorised access.
  • Another problem caused by it’s popularity is that it is hard to come across a truly custom website design put onto a content management system platform. There are so many free themes available along with a range of premium templates that can be purchased on the web. What you will generally find is that all of these themes have been used numerous times and you will not find one that is unique to your site unless you have a custom website design or try to do it yourself.
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