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Common WordPress mistakes to avoid
Tuesday, June 18, 2013    5:31 pm

It is a common belief that man learns from his own mistakes. Indeed, it is true. But while creating a WordPress websites, you cannot afford a mistake. WordPress is most commonly used for building blogs, and blogs are a form of social media. Nobody commits mistakes by themselves, occurrence of mistakes is natural. In this article, we will enlighten you about the most common blunders which web developers commit while creating WordPress blogs. It is good, if you learn from your own mistakes but you can create a flawless website, if you learn from others’ mistakes. So, here is a list of most common mistakes which you should avoid.


Be serious about security    

Security of your WordPress website should be on top of your list. Don’t just rely on WordPress plug-ins.  Hackers have enormous ways to attack your website. Secure your website with SSL certificate; apply practice of using third party solutions; always update your theme files, WordPress core files and plug-ins.  Stealth Login Page is a good plug-in to keep your website protected.

Un-friendly to mobile users

These days, a large number of people use mobile devices for surfing internet. It is advisable to make your website mobile-friendly. Google is also taking measures to ensure that websites are mobile-friendly. It has plans to punish websites which are not favorable for mobile users. There are numerous ways to make your website mobile friendly.

Use best plug-ins

Deciding which plug-in is best needs a little bit of brain storming. Plug-ins are important to keep your website updated. First of all think about the functions which you want in your website and then decide the plug-ins. We have a list of some good WordPress plug-ins like Yoast’s WordPress SEO, Barc WordPress Chat Widger Plug-in, Sendola, Google CSE, WP Content Copy Protection, plug-ins for social engagement like Digg Digg, Facebook subscription etc, Akismet, Google XML Sitemaps.

Not keeping back-up of your site

Nothing is predictable in this world. So it is better to be well prepared to tackle everything. Don’t forget to keep back-up of your website to avoid data loss. There are numerous ways to keep back-up of your WordPress website

Use keywords in permalink structure

Use keywords in your permalink structure for effective SEO. Use /%postname%/ in the custom text box of Permalinks in your admin panel.

Slow loading

Using lots of advertisements, banners, ads, pop-up ads, sign up forms etc; before content, makes your site heavy and result in slow loading. This is a blunder which can affect your revenue and cause higher bounce rate. So think about users first. Use free plug-ins for cache like W3 Total Cache, WP Super Cache for decreasing loading time.

Google Webmaster tools

Don’t forget to integrate with Webmaster tools. Submit XML sitemap to Google Webmaster tools for indexing all your pages. Webmaster tools are advantageous for you.

Single Server

If you are relying on single server, then you are giving hard time to visitors around the world. Content Delivery Network (CDN) can enhance the experience of your users. Leave a copy of your content on several mirror servers around the world.

Forgetting Google Authorship Markup

You can enhance the credibility and your brand value with Google Authorship. It is very useful for best results. Use Google authorship markup, so that after verification, your photo will appear next to snippet on search results. So get Google authorship for your content. If you don’t know how to get Google authorship, then read this.

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