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Content Management Systems
Monday, February 20, 2012    6:19 am

Content Management Systems (CMS) have essential made building a website easier for everyone. There are various platforms available; some of the most popular being WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. But what exactly does a CMS do.

Content Management Systems are in basic terms a full website solution. They often have very short 5 minute installations by which you upload the package to your website and then when you visit the URL you are faced with an initial set up. On this set up you configure settings such as your Admin account, Site Title and description.

Once you complete the set up you have a fully functional website or Blog in front of you however there will be a lack of content. You will no doubt see some sort of log in section on the website and you can use this to log in and get to you administrator panel. This allows you to enter the back end of the CMS.

The back end systems are unlike any other type of website you could have created on your own with a program like Adobe Dreamweaver. Where as before you would of have to use XML or edit each and every html file to have the content you want, you can simply click to add a new page on WordPress and content and page is added in minutes. Along with these type of content systems you can also modify a number of things such as design, plug-ins and other settings.

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