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Create a mobile version of a website with a mobile style sheet
Friday, November 25, 2011    6:58 am

Due to popularity of smart phones such as the IPhone and various new android devices, mobile internet browsing has become so important that web developers can almost not afford to offer a mobile friendly website. The truth is for some creating a mobile site cannot be as easy at is sounds. One recommendation is that you use mobile style sheets that are specifically applied when a mobile user browses to your page.

This involves using some server side code to detect if a user is using a mobile device. If it returns true for a mobile device, the server then applies a specific mobile style sheet or redirects to your mobile subdomain (such as Style sheets make it easy to manage to design and layout of a website, and allow you to create a new design for your site without editing any of the content.

There are various tutorials available on the web that shows you how to optimize a style sheet to work with a mobile user. They make the design much more manageable and as it’s only a small .css file you don’t have to upload a completely new website to fulfil a mobile visitor’s needs. The chances are as a web designer you already have a good grasp of CSS as its power, so before you know it you should be able to create a high optimized and great looking mobile version of your website.

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