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Differences between WordPress and Zen Cart for eCommerce website design
Sunday, January 15, 2012    7:27 am

WordPress and Zen cart are two of the most popular systems that are used for eCommerce websites. This is because they both have a great reputation due to their great support, how easy they are to use and the fact they are free and changeable.

One of the first notable differences between WordPress and Zen Cart is that WordPress is actually designed as a blogging system, whereas Zen Cart has been specifically designed to create great eCommerce websites. As Zen Cart is bespoke for eCommerce in already includes many important factors of eCommerce website design meaning there is not much else you need to worry about.

One of the negative factors of using WordPress is that you need to find an external plugin which can turn the standard blogging system into a usable eCommerce website. In some cases these are not free but there are some freebies out there if you search hard enough. There is always the option to hire a WordPress Developer to help you customize your own system.

There are a few other differences between WordPress and Zen cart such as the standard database system and how they call each parts and the pre-built in ad services of Zen Cart however both systems are more than suitable for any eCommerce website.

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