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Disadvantages of OS commerce
Saturday, May 1, 2010    7:42 pm

There are some disadvantages of OS commerce that have been identified by the user community. The development team has also recognized some disadvantages, in parts. Some of the disadvantages are mentioned below:

  • The attribute system: OS commerce has very limited attribute system. For example, there is no stock control over attributes by default and there is no stock keeping unit identifiers (SKU). You may need to look at the modifications if you are highly dependent on attributes.
  • Limitation of large product catalogs: in case of larger product catalogs if the product information is changing very frequently then modules for the input or management of data will be required. Catalogs with few hundred products may need modification to the elements of product administration and very large catalogs with over ten thousands products may need modifications so that they can be browsed or searched efficiently and effectively.
  • It is not template driven: OS commerce is not template driven but there are style sheets and you can easily change the footer, shared header, right and left column files. Modifying the looks of the website is not that flexible in OS commerce as in the template driven solution.
  • There is no inbuilt built way in OS commerce to provide password protection for the administration area. There are many ways to provide password protection but then nothing is mentioned in the default installation of OS commerce.
  • There is very less plug-in system which causes the add-ons difficult because these add-ons modify the core applications.
  • The PSI gate module is not operable any more so it needs to be replaced with an XML version.

Despite of many disadvantages, OS commerce is a very famous e-commerce and online store management software program.

By: admin