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Disadvantages of using WordPress to design eCommerce Website
Sunday, January 15, 2012    7:23 am

Whilst there are many advantages behind using WordPress to design eCommerce websites, there are also some holdbacks that could make you choose otherwise. The good thing about this is there is still many other pre-built eCommerce website builders available on the web and you can ever find some of them at the same price, free.


  • WordPress is a blogging platform and has not been designed specifically for eCommerce websites.
  • You to download external plugins to integrate into your website, this can be tricky and there may be flaws in the system.
  • There are plenty of other eCommerce systems available on the internet which has been specifically made for eCommerce websites.
  • The other systems come with pre-built check out systems which only need a few bits of information before they work completely.
  • You might need to hire a WordPress developer to help develop parts of an eCommerce site that does not already exist in a WordPress plugin.
  • The WordPress is not originally designed to handle the amount of information an eCommerce software database is.
  • Bespoke eCommerce software packages have been designed to easily import thousands of images and descriptions and file them accordingly.
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