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Do forum posting help in SEO
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    6:32 am

Forum posting is an effective way of generating traffic to your website. Forum is a place where people discuss about their queries and ask questions. People who have knowledge about any particular subject and experts give their feedback, answers, advices about questions, doubts, services, products and many more. Forum is nothing but communication and interaction of a particular community. It’s like real life discussion with friends and community people.

To showcase your internet presence in an influential manner, promoting your website has become an important part now. Forum posting has an important place to boost your internet presence and Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Forum posting is a good method of building links and getting back links. If you are thinking of using forum posting as a part of your SEO strategy and to make better your search engine rankings, then here are some points which you should follow for best output.

Keyword density: Keyword density is one of the most vital elements for search engine optimization. Before creating a forum post, keep in mind the keywords. Use keywords and phrases that are most searchable and relevant to topic. It will make your post more readable and crawl on search engine.

Forum selection: Join forums that are related to your subject.  Don’t join any unrelated forum. Before joining, do research on quality of threads and find out who is posting and what. Look for user’s signature links and spam threads. If you find that spam is day-old, then the forum is not being moderated. Once you find a suitable forum get started.

Churn out interesting posts: Write forum posts in a meaningful and interesting way. Don’t write on repetitive subjects, post on burning topics and controversial thread titles will definitely receive more comments and discussion. Write down fresh ideas and conduct research with factual points.

Don’t argue in debates: If you don’t agree with someone on a particular thing, then convey your message in a friendly way. Just tell why you disagree in simple words. While giving any answer, don’t taunt. Simply share your knowledge.

Make connections: Seek advice of others through private messages. In this way you can generate a two-way communication and in return give advice to others also when needed. Make friends and connections here.

Forum signatures: Forum members can create signature. This link will appear below all your posts. Forum signatures can help SEO. But it depends on relevancy, popularity of your site and forum. You may get huge number of back links from each comment. May be these links may not help in high rankings but can be a good source of referral traffic to your site.

Use correct grammar: Ensure that your post is properly spell-checked and is grammatically correct.

Search engine ranking is the benefit of forum postings. Apart from this, you also get a chance to discuss about your products or services and disseminate information.

By: admin