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Effectiveness of Google Adwords
Wednesday, June 12, 2013    3:25 pm

If you are confused about the usage of Google Adwords, then this article can help you. Lots of people think why to use Google Adwords for advertising. Are you one of those people and not sure whether to use it or not? We think Google Adwords is an effective advertising system. We agree that it needs time and money but if you opt for other options like TV advertising or print ads, then it will also need money and time. Google Adwords is an effective way of advertising your business online. Don’t think that we are advocating Google Adwords; we are just admirer of good things.

What is Google Adwords?

Google Adwords is a way of online advertisement for your website, business, service or product. It is based on pay-per-click (PPC) system.  This means you have to pay when someone clicks on your advertisement. With Google Adwords, you can display your advertisement on Google’s network. It is observed that Google Adword is effective for any business if you bid on right keyword.

Some of the key factors of Google Adwords   

Wide reach

Google Adwords has a very wide reach. It reaches approximately 80% internet users through Google search engine.

Generate traffic

It is capable of generating targeted traffic to your website spontaneously.

All in one campaign

This campaign has access in all devices. Previously, Google used to run mobile-only campaign, especially for mobile devices. Now, there is no division between desktop, mobile and tablet browsing. You can optimize it for mobile devices also, if you want.

Product listing ads available on smartphones

Now, Google has made product listing ads available on smartphones. These ads have very high visual impact on users.

Reasonable expenses

Google Adwords does not cost you dear. It has less expenses and the most important thing is that you have complete control over your ad campaign. Also, the customer conversions are quite faster than other forms of advertising.

Track performance of your ads

It allows you to track the performance of your ads with simple interface. You will be able to analyze the performance of keywords and use it for future SEO. If a customer visits your ad, you will come to know about it within a minute. So, you can convert it into a sell quite faster.

Targeting options  

You can target any city, country, language, age group, device depending upon your requirements. You can also choose the keyword, targeting your customers.

Now, the decision is yours. Remember that optimizing for organic searches is good, but very hard to accomplish.

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