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Employing a Website Designer
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:57 pm

Although a lot of companies looking to have a website made for them choose to outsource there work to a web design firm, there are actually quite a few advantages behind hiring a website design to work in house. In this post we will look at some advantages and disadvantages behind this 

Advantages of hiring a website design

  • They are your employee so you can assign them work to do on the website
  • You can have frequent meetings
  • They can help you understand what is going on at all times
  • You can send them for training if you want new technologies adding to your website
  • You have more control over what is happening
  • A better relationship can be established between you and the person designing your website
  • You do not have to pay extra for website support or maintenance

Disadvantages of hiring a web designer

  • One mans experience is less than an entire team
  • Can be more costly than a one off charge to a web design firm
  • Training can be quite expensive
  • You will be required to pay a full time salary
  • Some web design firms provide hosting and support as part of their package; with an in house designer you might have to host the site yourself or through another third party company
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