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Functionality when you design eCommerce website
Saturday, January 21, 2012    9:40 am

Believe it or not a lot of website designers who work on eCommerce websites will tell you that the functionality of the website is actually the main factor. What we mean when we talk about functionality and design is how the functionality works around the design, something which is sometimes a problem in eCommerce websites.

Naturally a website would have a navigation which the users can use to view different pages. It is normally located at the top of the web page, under the banner, or on the left hand side in the side bar section of the website. The problem is with eCommerce websites is that you don’t just have a few pages with important information, you often have hundreds or thousands of pages filled with products.

For this reason you can’t take any basic web design and put it into practices, your website will most certainly need a custom website design. You need to make sure a potential customer can browse your website as they would a shop which means having a navigation bar designed to look at different categories, different products and even a sales section. This should all be taken into account when it comes to designing your website.

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