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Get started as freelance web designer with these tips
Friday, June 14, 2013    1:18 am
Freelance webdesigner

There are lots of web designers out there who want to go for freelancing. Some are experienced website designers who want to start their own business, while some are newbies who want to try their hands on web designing as a part time business. Well, the experienced designers must have enough knowledge about nitty-gritty of starting their own business as they have worked in this industry and built contacts.


Below are some points which could act as a roadmap for establishing yourself as a successful freelance web designer.


You must have already decided your budget and pricing structure, so we will not get into that. As you have opted for freelancing, you are smart enough to decide your pricing.


Create your brand


Have you decided the brand name for your business? Using your own name as your brand is a good idea. Clients may think that your services are affordable than the fully fledged agency. Also, consider using a formal name for your business.


Create your own website


You need something as a means of communication with your clients. Website is the best option for that. You are a designer, so you can design a wonderful website for yourself which itself reflects your work quality. Mention everything like your profile, how to contact you, service charge etc. Also, give details about your recent work. If you don’t have it, then you can do some stuff free of charge for any NGO or charity organizations.


Learn SEO


Some knowledge about SEO is very important for showing existence of your website. You have created website but you should know SEO techniques to increase the Google ranking and show your existence. It will benefit your new business very rapidly.


Join community


You can get support by joining community of professionals. Join these people on social media like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter etc. Make sure to involve yourselves in the communities, as you can find the potential customers here. Join forums, so that you can ask your problems and difficulties.


Start blogging


You will get different opportunities to market yourself and your services through blogs. This platform is an excellent way to promote your expertise and work. You can gain exposure and recognition for your portfolio through blogging. Freelance designers can greatly benefit with this and boost networking. Starting a blog does not mean that you have to write every day. You can write once in a week.

At the end, we will say draw a plan for properly managing your task and project. Have some task management apps in your mobile devices.

By: admin