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Google+ new dashboard: Gift for online business owners
Wednesday, June 26, 2013    6:00 am

Google+ has launched new dashboard recently before few weeks. It has been started, especially, for businesses and to get more control over Google tools like Google AdWords, Google Maps etc. Businesses will now be able to update their URLs, address, contact details, timings on Google+, Google search and Maps through a tab called ‘Overview’, simultaneously.

With this new dashboard, the businesses will be able to manage information in Google platforms quite easily. Now, it has become easier to manage your online presence.


Features of new dashboard of Google+

Businesses will be able to monitor their notifications.

You will be able to manage photos, videos and perform standard Google+ options.

There is a facility to start Hangouts right from your dashboard.

You will also get to manage AdWords Express and Google Offers campaigns.

Google also offers campaigns and provides pretty interesting stats for businesses. Google has never made available such thing in an easy to use package before.

Now, business owners will get an opportunity to see the top searches and top locations for their business. Top locations are based on request by users from a particular location for driving directions to their stores. This will give you fair enough idea to place your local ads.

A set of basic performance stats for G+ accounts will also be displayed.


How to see your new G+ dashboard

If you want to see your dashboard, then sign into your Google+ account. Dashboard icon is in the left side navigation, simply click on the icon and your dashboard will be opened.


There are two versions of dashboard; Non-local G+ page dashboard and Local G+ page dashboard.

Non-local G+ page dashboard

The non-local version possesses basic features that are available in both versions like; Page, Notifications, Managers, Share and Hangout.

Local Google Plus Page dashboard has;

Driving directions to your business: It lists the users’ request about your business from specific areas/zip codes from last 90 days.

Top searches: It features the top searched terms.

Insights: It shows followers, number of views and actions of last 7 days.

If you have a business, G+ account is good for you. You can use you tube to post videos, AdWords to promote your products, share photos and start a hangout with followers at the same time. Moreover, Google has plans to bring about more updates and services for users.







By: admin