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How much should you pay for a Website Designer?
Wednesday, February 1, 2012    5:25 am

When you look around the prices associated with website design it is often hard to understand why the range of prices differs so much. On one hand you can find a very professional firm on the internet that offers a complete website plus hosting for as little as $50, whereas on the other you might find another web design firm offering a similar package for over $400. Now to some people this will seem a little strange.

Like with most industries, in the web design world you get what you pay for. The best website designers always cost a little more because they are worth it and although most are open to negotiation there is often little you can do about it.

Deciding how much you should pay for your website designer will really depend on your budget. In theory a budget will be drawn up before you even start looking so you should have a rough figure in mind. Other notes to take when you find the website designer is if they are able to offer website maintenance and possibly hosting with their service. This is the area in which the cheaper firms make their money as they do not include maintenance in the initial costs.

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