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How should I secure the configure.php file for osCommerce website?
Friday, June 7, 2013    2:13 pm

If you receive message like the above one, then you need to set correct user permissions for this file. Here is a tutorial on how to modify the permissions of the configure.php file for osCommerce website security in simple way.

Step 1: Log in to cPanel.

Step 2: Click on File Manager under the section of File. Click on Web Root, if File Manager Directory Selection window appears. Then click on Go button.

Step 3: Direct to configure.php file given in the error.

Step 4: To change the permission, right click the configure.php file and click on change permission.

Step 5: In the change permission window, reset the permissions to 644.

P S: After setting configure.php files to 644 if you still get the warning message, then set the catalog/includes/configure.php” file to 444. This is a read-only file and used in servers that are updated for security concerns.

Step 6: Set the permissions on “/images” directory and “admin/images/graphs” to 777.

Step 7: Now, create the “admin/backups” directory and set the permission to 777. You can store the database and keep back up of your online store in the “Tools” section of store admin.

Step 8: After signing in to admin section you will see the below new message

By: admin