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How to add custom frame to NextGen Gallery Slider
Saturday, March 9, 2013    7:02 pm

If you are a Website Developer, and have been working on WordPress you must have faced an issue of adding a custom frame around NextGen gallery plugin. Most of developers when working on NextGen sliding gallery want to change the way big image shows up.

Either you want to add a custom picture in the background, add a border to the frame, add a padding to the frame to nextgen gallery or add a custom frame around the picture in nextgen gallery slider you can follow this tutorial.

Steps to add custom background, picture or frame to nextgen gallery.

  1. Open Admin panel and select NextGen Gallery plugin.
  2. Go to editor or CSS of this plugin and add a class for your frame.
  3. In the bottom of this slider add a custom CSS class defining the border or image background you are looking for.
  4. Go to the page where you are showing the nextgen gallery or slideshow and apply the class to the shortcode of this plugin.
  5. Save the settings and you will be able to see the class is applied to the big image in nextgen gallery slider.

Follow this youtube tutorial for more details of the code and to follow the steps exactly. tutorial explaining how to add background frame to next gen Gallery Slider


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