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How To Add Custom links to WordPress Navigation
Monday, April 1, 2013    9:29 am

When we starts to develop our websites, most of the time we need to connect outsider links in our website menu. This tutorial lets you make a WordPress page (or other content type) link to an external URL of your choosing, instead of its WordPress URL.

To do this you just need to follow the simple Steps:

Step 1 : Login To WordPress Admin Panel.

Step 2 : Go To Appearance -> Menus

Step 3 : To your left side there is a section named as Custom Links. Type The Menu Element (Name) and paste the URL which you want to open after clicking the menu element.

Step 4 : Click On Add To Menu.

Step 5: Now To your Right side just replace old menu element with new one and save it.

To Understand It More Properly You can Watch The Video.

By: admin