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How to add Favicon in WordPress website
Tuesday, April 2, 2013    10:36 am

In this business competitor world we need to grab attention of users. We can do many things for it. This Article is about How to add Favicon to your WordPress Website.  Favicon help your viewers to recognize your page among the bunch of other tabs and pages that they might have open in their browser at any particular moment.

Adding Favicon is as easy as following the following steps :

Step 1 :  Login To Your WordPress Admin Panel.

Step 2 : To Your Left Side Go To Appearance ->Editor and click on the “header.php” file.

Step 3 : Add Single Line Of Code befor your body tag starts

<link rel=”shortcut icon”  href=”” />

Step 4 : Update The Changes (Save The File).

To understand it more properly you can watch the video.

By: admin