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Saturday, October 15, 2011    6:40 am

Google has decommissioned The Google Base and the Google Base Data API and it is no longer available for people to submit or access content from these services. Google has replaced The Google Base with their new Google Merchant Centre where one can login and upload the products to make their products listings easy to find on Google product search and other services by Google. To submit product related information you can make use of direct uploads, data feeds or the Google API. The Google Merchant Centre has features to enable you to drive more traffic to your website. The basic steps involved to add your products to the Google Base are;

  • An account with Google is needed for access to Google Merchant Centre.
  • Business information such as location, contact number of the store, website URL, country, private contact information can all be entered on the contact and personal information page.
  • The website URL setting in the Google Base has to be verified and only then can the product listings can be uploaded on the website.
  • Once uploaded, product dates are ready to be published on your choice of web page. Data feeds are better to use when uploading product information.

There is also the advanced content API which lets you customize the web page according to your needs.

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