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AdWords Express
Wednesday, October 12, 2011    10:41 am

AdWords Express from Google helps in promoting business online through Google Maps and search. It takes only a few minutes of your time to place an advertisement online at Google Base. Advertising with Google Base is best suited for attracting local customers and on the Google Maps . Before advertising on Google Maps  the user has to have his business details ready. He will need business address, logo, contact information and any special offers that you may wish to advertise. A detailed step by step instruction to start advertising quickly is as follows;

  • If you have a Gmail account, go to google adwords and create an account entering your email address and password.
  • Once logged in click on the ‘create your campaign’ button. Campaign settings are set to be universal, though it can be changed to local if you prefer local audience only. Language settings can also be changed here.
  • Create the ads and you can also select the key words which you prefer your ad to appear.
  • The best part is you can decide an adwords budget. You have to pay only when your google adwords advert is clicked on. You can start with a minimum of $5 and increase it later if needed.
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