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How to avoid mixing your personal life with professional life
Tuesday, May 28, 2013    7:04 am

Maintain balance in your personal and professional life with these tips. Don’t mix personal life with professional life.

Nowadays, most of time of your day is spent in office. Persistently, it becomes difficult for you to maintain your personal life and professional life. Sometimes you cannot keep away your personal problems while working. That is natural also; after all we are human beings and the high extent of pressure and mental trauma, affects our professional lives.
In this era, when both parents are working, you even don’t have time to pay occasional visits to your child’s school and meet friends. But, job is as important as family. So you must keep balance between these two things.
In this article we will find the ways by which you can keep your personal problems in home while coming to office, and keep your work in office while in home.
Tenets to avoid disturbance in two vital ‘Ps’ i.e. personal and professional life
1. Bring certain amount of self-discipline and restraint in you. Bring focus on your work. Assign a certain amount of deadline for your work and set targets. You will remain conscious about your work.
2. After every night come beautiful morning. Be optimistic about your personal life and deal with it as your test. This will help you to indulge in your daily routine and office work with an affirmative attitude.
3. Adopt rotation policies. If you and your spouse, both are working, then have mutual understanding between both of you. For instance, if there is monthly meeting in your child’s school which you must attend, then take leave from office turn-wise. In this way, you keep your child and boss happy.
4. Incorporate proper planning in personal as well as professional lives. Most of personal urgencies arise due to lack of proper planning. So, at the beginning of month, properly chalk out your plans. Don’t leave anything to last minute. Similarly, plan your work with deadlines.
5. Avoid frequent callers during working hours. Apart from important calls, don’t pander to insignificant calls. Politely tell them to call after office hours.
6. Avoid personal chit-chat with other colleagues at your office. Stay away from these kind of talking because you don’t know how they will publicize your personal issues.
7. Identify who is your real friend at your work. During gloominess, these friends can motivate you.
8. If you don’t have close friends at work, then get some counseling outside of work. This can be a real stress buster for you. Join any support group or community in church. People who have similar difficulties will help you in dealing with this and provide a shoulder to you.
9. Always remember the fact; you are not the only one who has problems in world. Think about the other people who suffer from worse situations.
Remember, personal problems will always remain in your life. But you should maintain your focus on your work to earn money and better lifestyle.

By: admin