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Wednesday, October 12, 2011    11:20 am

Adwords can help small business flourish and grow by promoting their businesses online. All that is needed is a Gmail account. The Adwords software is easy to use but if one knows how to really use it well it can work out to be a success strategy for your business. Google gives individuals the opportunity to become an Adwords Professional by passing their fundamental exam and one of  three advanced exams , to be awarded Adwords certification. There are four exam topics like Google Advertising Fundamentals which deals with the basic aspects of online advertising, advanced ones like advanced search advertising exam, display advertising exam, advanced reporting and analysis exam. They have their own Google learning centre where the materials needed to study are available.

The exams are taken online and are updated frequently as and when changes are made to Adwords.  A Candidate ID can be acquired from exams tab that is available to the Adwords support addresses. There are different languages you can choose from, each exam costs $50. The fundamental exam needs a time duration of 2 hours and you cannot pause the exam once you get started doing it. The passing score for the fundamental exam is 85%.

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