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How to become a good web designer
Wednesday, June 12, 2013    3:21 pm

Continual improvement and know how of recent trends is very important to become a good web designer. As a web designer, your daily routine is very busy and hectic, but you need to take out time from client’s project to inculcate new skills and advancements. In this article, we will try to discover the things that you can follow to carve a niche for yourself in web designing industry.

Be up-to-date

Keep yourself up-to-date with recent trends which are making buzz in web world.  To know more about recent trends click here.

Draw your ideas on paper

It is a very good practice. Especially, when you are a beginner, drawing ideas on paper is very fruitful. It would be very good brainstorming activity for you.

Always have more than 1 option

Whenever you are working on any design, create two or more designs. So that you can have variety of options and do comparison. This will help you in generating more and more creative ideas.

Analyze other’s works

Have a look at the work of other web designers and learn from them. Note how they make slider, menu, organize content and incorporate it in your design. Bookmark the websites which you feel have something to learn about.

Be tech savvy

Upgrade your knowledge about latest programs, software. Also, enhance your reading habits and read magazines which can enlighten your knowledge about this field.

Always consider others’ opinion

Whatever you think is error-free and good, may not seem the same for others. So take others’ opinion and feedback about your work. Who knows, they may point out something which can result in better output.

Create problems and solve them

Create problems for yourself and then solve them. In this way, you will learn a lot. Frankly speaking, while solving one problem you will notice that there is another problem also, which needs to get fixed.

Compete with others

Be vigilant about what is happening in your industry. Keep an eye on what your fellow web designers are doing. This will motivate you to keep up the good work and compete with others with best skills, creativity in industry.

Know your users

Design with the eye of users. Keep yourself in their shoes and do your work by keeping in view their choice, priority, age group, demographic target etc.

Learning is a never ending process. So never remain satisfied with your skills and knowledge. Have a thirst to learn more and outperform others. If you follow this rule, you can become a good web designer and an inspiration for others.

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