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How to check duplicate content on your website?
Wednesday, June 12, 2013    2:57 pm

Duplicate content is a threat for your website ranking. After the recent Penguin 2.0 release, the importance of unique and original content has been proved. Websites with duplicate content were hit hard by the Penguin 2.0. Actually, the issue of plagiarism is quite old for SEO world. The sites with duplicate content are always penalized with Google ranking. With this article, we will try to find the ways to check duplicate content within and outside your website i.e. internal duplicate and external duplicate.

If you have an e-commerce website, the duplicate product description can lead to Panda punishment. If you have huge amount of copied content, then crawlers such as Googlebot will be unable to find unique content.

Let us learn some techniques to check duplicate content on your website.

Duplicate content checking tools   


They offer various packages for checking duplicate content. It monitors your site and URL. It also gives detailed report on copied content. They offer free trial for 7 days. It is very effective to find the other websites who repost your original content.


This tool is one of the favorites of webmasters. It searches all pdf files, internet websites, blogs etc and zero in the places with links from where the content has been dragged. It offers free as well as paid plans. With free package, you can check already published articles through its link. For keeping track of unpublished article you need to buy the credits. With 1 credit, you can check an article of minimum 2000 words.

Dupli Checker

It is a free tool to check the duplicate content. You can copy-paste the file of about 1500 words or upload the docx or text file to check plagiarism. Here you can check unpublished content also absolutely free.


It is also a free tool. It supports more than 190 languages which is an added benefit for you. To check duplicate content, paste the whole text or URL of article or upload a .txt, PDF, doc, docx, rtf, odt file.


It is free to use tool. You can track the content by pasting your text of about 25, 000 characters. You can search web, news or social networks for plagiarism. It is usable with Google, Yahoo, and Bing index. You will also get the email notification if the content is copied.

Another way to check the plagiarized content is by pasting the 20-25 words of your content on Google, and check the results for same content. You can also use rel=canonical, by this way you can notify the search engine that this page is original page and any duplicates should be put off.

Of course, the best way for better page ranking is generating your own original content. This will enhance link building and drive more traffic for you.  Right?

By: admin