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How to create a new category in WordPress
Thursday, July 25, 2013    1:50 am

There is a provision of adding a large number of categories in your WordPress blog. Obviously, when your WordPress blog grows day-by-day, the need to create new categories arises. Bestwebsitesdesigner always tries hard to help you out in your difficulties. Today, we will try to guide you on how should you create or add a new category to your WordPress blog. Hope this tutorial will help you.

Here are a few simple steps to add a new category. Follow these steps.

1 Go to your dashboard and click on the category under posts menu tab. As the page opens, you will see the section for Add New Category on the left side.

categories in wordpress

2 Now, create a label. Type the name of the new category which you want to create. For example, if you want to create a category of art, then give any name like ‘Art angle’.

categories in wordpress 1

3 If you want to create a specific URL, then you cannot leave this slug section blank. The slug is used for creating a link to the category page that lists all the posts made under this category. If you leave the slug column blank, then it will create below category slug by default.

4 If you want to make this newly-created category, a sub category, then choose the parent. Choose none, if this category is a parent. Add a description of this category in the description section.

5 Like this, you can add an unlimited number of categories in your WordPress blog.

Later, if you want to change the category of the post. Go to post the menu and click on edit. Move your mouse over the post which you want to edit and click Quick edit.

By: admin