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How to design an eCommerce website
Wednesday, February 22, 2012    3:49 pm

An eCommerce website is a great way for a business to start operating on the internet. One area of this potentially massive expansion that should be taken very careful is the design of the website.

How to Design eCommerce website

One of the main things you should take into account is your corporate identity. As an already established firm you should already have a company logo etc, so the chances are you going to have a colour scheme already associated with your firm. It is important that you use this colour scheme to design eCommerce website.

Once you have your colours chosen you can choose how you want the navigation to work, where the content will be situated etc and work on the actual design. You should try and keep everything as simply as possible because customers are actually going to be using your website to buy goods from your business. If you make things too complicated there is a chance that customers will find the website unusable. It is said that a visitor will decide if they are going to stay on website in the first 13 seconds. So take this in mind and make your website very attractive so that you can entice users to buy products.

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