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How to design eCommerce websites
Saturday, January 21, 2012    9:39 am

When it comes down to design eCommerce websites you should always approach it at a different angle than you would a normal website. This is because the functionality that comes with the design is also very important. People are no longer simply visiting your website to read some information before moving on to the next information source, they are visiting a site to buy a product and you have to sell them that product.

For this reason you must design your website so that it is easy to browse, very simple and store like but also offer a customer all of the information they might look to get from a clerk in store. So navigation and the placement of information is very essential.

You should try to structure you website like you would a shop. Each product should be located in its relevant category and then it should still have some sort of search function inside that to make it easy for a customer to find the specific product they want.

If you do your eCommerce website design around it’s functionality you have a good chance of creating a system that your customers will enjoy. This can benefit you in more than one way and convert to extra sales, which is what you are initially aiming for anyway.

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