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How To Enable Or Disable Run Command In Windows 7
Monday, June 6, 2011    10:42 am

1. Right click on Windows 7 Start menu

2. Click on Properties

When Taskbar and Start Menu Properties Window will be opened

3. Click on Customize button Click on Customize button under Start Menu tab. Now Windows 7 start menu customization option window will be opened. To activate run command in Windows 7 start menu we need to check Run Command check box in the customization window.

4. Click on OK. Now the Run Command short is added in Windows 7 Start Menu.

Take A Quick Look

You Can try Some Common Tasks with Run.

Below are a list of commands you can type into the Run dialog:

Run Calculator                                           calc

Run Command Prompt                            cmd

Run Firefox (if installed)                          firefox

Run Internet Explorer                               iexplore

Run Microsoft Word (if installed)         winword

Run Microsoft Excel (if installed)          excel

Run Microsoft Outlook (if installed)     outlook

Run Notepad                                               notepad

Run Wordpad                                             wordpad

Open Control Panel                                   control panel

Open Program Files folder                       %programfiles%

Shutdown Windows                                  shutdown

Restart Windows                                        shutdown -r

Log Off Windows                                       logoff

Registry Editor                                            regedit

Task Manager                                             taskmgr

Windows Update Launches                    wupdmgr

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